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Mocean SMS Automation User Documentation

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  1. Select the board you would like to install MoceanAPI Automation

  2. Click on Integrate image

  3. Click on Integrations Center and Search for Mocean in the search bar and install MoceanAPI - Automation image

  4. Choose the automation that fits your needs and click Add to board image

  5. Enter your Mocean API Credentials and the sender image

  6. After you’ve successfully authenticated, you will be redirected back to to customize your Automation Recipe image

  7. After customizing your Automation Recipe, click on Add to board at bottom right
  8. When the automation is triggered, the SMS log will be displayed in the MoceanAPI - Item App if you installed.


Non-Supported Trigger Methods

  1. Sending SMS when an item is created
    • The new item created does not have a phone field value upon creation.
    • Workaround would be to set up an automation recipe: When Column Changes, Send SMS to Phone from Your Business Name and manually update the phone column after new item is created.
  2. Sending to subitems is not supported at the moment

Notifications and Updates in

If you’d like to disable receiving notifications and updates in whenever an automated SMS is triggered, you can configure it in the Update API Credentials Page

  1. First navigate to MoceanAPI - Send SMS app or MoceanAPI - SMS Broadcast app. image

  2. Then click on the Update API Credentials Link. You can then configure whether you’d like to receive notifications in for every automated SMS sent image

Custom Date Time format

Sometimes you may want to display a different format for your date time column in your SMS sent using Automation, you can do it by specifying your desired format in the Update API Credentials Page

Date Formats

Time Format


Below is an example how you can combine both Date & Time format to create a customized date time format. |Value|Result| |—|—| | ddd, YYYY MMM DD, h:mm A | Wed, 2022 Aug 10, 9:32 AM | | MMMM d, YYYY HH:mm | August 3, 2022 09:32 |

Country Setting

Sometimes your data might not include a country code for the phone number, you can specify the country setting and we will automatically convert the number to the equivalent of your chosen country code. For eg: the number 0123456789 will be converted to 60123456789 for the country Malaysia (MY)


Configure this setting if you only send to one country and the phone number doesn’t have a prepended country code

We will always prioritize the country code we get from your item


Voice Call

Contact us here to setup your account for voice call capability.

Virtual Number

By default, the Number we use to call your recipient is: 63001 which may be identified as Spam number when your recipient receive the call. To avoid this and get better answering chance, we suggest you to buy a virtual number from us here

After you’ve bought your virtual number, you can select the virtual number in your automation recipe


Voice Recording

If you’ve decided to send a Voice Recording instead of a Text To Speech, we have automation recipe that supports this. You will need to input the Recording Link

For the Recording Link input, you will need to supply a Direct Link to the recording like below.


Below, we will show you steps for 2 platform (Dropbox, Github) which you can upload your voice recording for free.

Upload voice recording to Dropbox

  1. Create an account in Dropbox
  2. Upload your audio file and copy the link to your audio file image

  3. Copy the parameter highlighted above from the uploaded URL and add it to the end of, as demonstrated in the highlighted section below.  image

So the final URL you should paste in the Recording Link in your automation recipe is: image

Upload voice recording to Github

Important Files uploaded to public repository are accessible by everyone. If you want to limit access, we suggest you to go with Dropbox

Public Repository

  1. Sign up for an account in Github
  2. On your left navigation panel, click on New to create a new repository
  3. Give your repository a name. Eg: Audio Files
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on Create Repository
  5. Upload your audio file image
  6. Click on Commit Changes
  7. Click on the newly uploaded file image
  8. Right click on View Raw and copy the link
  9. Paste the link in Recording Link in your automation recipe image

Whitelist IP Address

For added security, you should whitelist IP address in your MoceanAPI Dashboard

To do so, follow these steps

  1. Go to MoceanAPI Dashboard
  2. Navigate to API Account
  3. Key in into Allow IP field



  1. Can I get Test Credits ?
    • You can get 20 FREE credits. Please note that once you make a top-up, the free credits will be removed.
  2. What means by 20 credits, 1 credit = EUR 1?
    • No, during the trial period, 1 credit equals 1 SMS. So, with 20 credits, you can test 20 SMS.
  3. Can I request more trial credits?
    • Yes, of course! If you'd like to test further, feel free to request from us.
  4. Can I send international messages?
    • Yes. We are an international SMS provider. You can send out SMS both locally and internationally. The price for each country varies, do check out our pricing list here
  5. What is the maximum characters per SMS I can put into the message?
    • English messages can be up to 160 characters, while for Unicode text messages (including Arabic, Chinese, etc.), the limit is 70 characters.
  6. Do you support long message content?
    • Yes, you can send long message content and your credit will be deducted based on the length of the message content.
  7. Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time?
    • There is no limit on numbers to be sent in one go.
  8. What format does my phone number need to be in?
    • Mobile phone numbers need to be entered in international formatting with the country code and without spaces, plus signs or leading zeros. Example: Country code 60 for country Malaysia, 60123456789
  9. What is the character limit for the sender/sender ID?
    • The alpha sender ID can be a maximum of 11 characters, while the numeric sender can consist of up to 15 digits.
  10. I attempted to send messages to US numbers, but they failed to be delivered. Why?
    • Message content that is not registered will result in a failure. To comply with US regulations, it’s essential to buy a number and undergo a use case verification before you can send SMS to your customers.
  11. Can I utilize my personal mobile or landline number as the sender for SMS to the US?
    • No, it’s necessary to purchase a dedicated number, such as a Toll-Free Number, and complete the use case verification process.
  12. How do I go about obtaining or purchasing a Toll Free Number in the US/Canada?
    • Steps: 1) Complete the number registration form available here 2) Proceed with the payment. 3) After your registration is accepted and approved, you’ll be able to send and receive SMS using your Toll Free Number.
  13. What is the expected timeframe for number approval?
    • The duration varies, but typically it takes approximately 2-3 weeks.
  14. I am currently having a TFN / 10DLC from another provider. I want to use the same number in your platform. Is that possible?
    • Yes, it is possible. We would need a LoA (Letter of Agency) signed to allow us to take over the SMS part of the number.
  15. Why my SMS failed to deliver?
    • You may have set an invalid sender ID, alphanumeric sender ID must be less than 12 characters, and numeric sender ID must be less than 16 characters. Another common issue is you did not specify the correct phone number format including country code. Example: Country code 60 for country Malaysia, 60123456789
  16. I want to purchase SMS credits, how to top up my account?
    • Easy & fast, just follow a few steps below: 1) Login to your account at 2) Go to Top Up page on left menu 3) Select Payment 4) Pay with credit card / PayPal Your account will be credited instantly and enjoy texting!
  17. Why I cannot buy a Virtual Number?
    • This is due to your account is under trial mode or has insufficient balance. Please top up before proceeding with number purchase.
  18. Why I cannot get Notifications after receiving an SMS reply?
    • You will need to connect your account with us. We have a video for you to follow along to connect your account and MoceanAPI. Check it out here
  19. Do I need a Virtual Number to send 1-Way SMS?
    • No, you don’t need a Virtual Number to send 1-Way SMS, unless you are sending SMS to recipients in the US & Canada.

SMS Compliance in United States (US)

  1. SMS Compliance Guidelines
    • Below are some general guidelines / best practices you can follow: Obtain proper consent: You must obtain consent from the mobile subscriber before sending any SMS messages. The consent should be opt-in and clearly disclose the frequency and nature of messages. Include opt-out instructions: Every SMS message should include clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to opt-out of receiving further messages. Provide customer support: Your SMS messaging program should include customer support options for subscribers to receive assistance Comply with content restrictions: SMS messages should comply with all content restrictions and regulations
  2. Campaigns Prohibited:
    • Loan advertisements except for messages from direct lenders for secured loans
    • Payday loans
    • Credit repair
    • Debt relief
    • Pharmacy/Cannabis/Tobacco/Vape
    • ED
    • Work from home, ‘secret shopper’ and similar advertising campaigns
    • Gambling/sweepstakes
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties
  3. Messaging Prohibited:
    • Message streams that result in excessive complaints or STOP commands typically indicate an unwanted message campaign and will not be allowed to continue.
    • Phishing: Messages that attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, or financial information, through fraudulent means are strictly prohibited.
    • Fraud or scams: Messages that deceive subscribers by promoting fraudulent or misleading offers, schemes, or scams are not allowed.
    • Messages that use deceptive marketing practices or false claims to promote products or services are prohibited.
    • Messages that distribute malware or direct subscribers to download apps from non-secure locations are strictly prohibited.
    • Loan, debt consolidation, debt relief, and student loan programs from any enterprise that cannot grant the loan themselves: Enterprises that cannot grant loans themselves are not allowed to promote loan, debt consolidation, debt relief, and student loan programs.
    • Affiliate lead generation for these financial programs is also prohibited.
  4. US SMS Delivery Option
Introduction 10DLC is just the new name for sending primarily 1-way A2P messages over local long codes. In the past using local long codes was primarily for 2-way conversational traffic (P2P) but companies were using it for 1-way traffic as well. If you wanted to send any kind of volume of messages via long codes (more than a few hundred a day) you had to use a pool of senders because velocity filters would treat high volumes of messages coming from one sender as SPAM and automatically block the sender. Now with 10DLC registration you can send higher volumes of messages from a single sender. This works really well for sending under about 2,000 messages per day and if you or your customer wants a local sender in their area. External vetting is also available for an additional fee to get more than 2,000 messages per day per sender. A few years ago Operators started allowing SMS to be delivered via the toll free number pool that was previously only for voice calls. Toll free numbers are also 10 digits long but all start with one of the following dial codes: 1800, 1888, 1877, 1866, 1855, 1844 or 1833. This route allows for handset DLR (delivery receipt) instead of the less accurate gateway DLR provided on 10 DLC. The route also did not have a volume limit per sender like long codes do so it was ideal for business use. Additionally, the service comes with auto responders built in for STOP, HELP and CANCEL responses from mobile subscribers, and has a gateway maintained opt-out database per sender. The route currently has the same content restrictions as 10 DLC. In the USA a short code is a dedicated 5 or 6 digit sender ID assigned to a specific brand for a specific purpose or campaign. A good example is a bank sending one time codes to their customers for 2 factor authentication. This is the most premium SMS service in the USA as it has handset DLR and goes through a lengthy vetting process. There are several requirements to get one of these codes approved, they take about 1-2 months to get fully approved and have significant monthly and setup fees, so they are typically used by larger corporations with very high volume sending. Client needs to show opt-in process and be able to handle auto responders for HELP/STOP/CANCEL as well as maintain opt-out database per campaign.
Type of Number & Example Long Number (Example: 13458677777) Toll-Free Number (Example: 18885555555) 5 or 6 digit Short Code (Example: 12345)
Suggested Use Cases High volumes, Marketing, 2FA, Alerts, 2FA, Notifications, Customer Care, Alerts, Higher Education, Low Volume Mixed, Marketing, Polling and Voting, Public Service Announcement Low - Medium volumes, 2FA, Non-Marketing & Marketing, Customer Service, Alert Notifications High Volume School/Flight/Appt reminders
Approval Process To send messages via this route, it is necessary to register brands and campaigns with TCR (The Campaign Registry) as required by the Operators and interconnected gateways. TCR is an independent registry authorized to register brands and campaigns with T-Mobile and AT&T. Although Verizon, the other major USA operator, is currently not participating, registration requirements are not as strict at this time. Clients must show their opt-in process and ability to handle auto responders for HELP/STOP/CANCEL and maintain opt-out databases per campaign. To send messages through this route, we must obtain approval from the toll-free gateway for our campaigns. Although they require less information than TCR for 10DLC, their content guidelines are still strict. If the campaign volume is less than 25,000 per month, we can proceed without official gateway approval, but we must adhere to all regulations, and our support department must review the verification form submitted. To send messages through this route, we must obtain campaign approval from the Operators.
Time to register 2-7 business days 5-15 business days 1-2 months
Canadian Reach Yes Yes No (User must purchase a Canadian Short Code)
2-Way Possible Yes Yes Yes
Concatenated Yes Yes Yes
Unicode Yes Yes Yes
How to order Email your request to Download TFN registration form here Email your request to

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